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Hey guys, and girls, just updated the gallery with a huge amount of images. These include photoshoots, Two and a half men stills, video screencaptures, Madame Tussauds images from around the world [including the new one in Berlin]. Music video updates, and new movie images.

First off, I’ve given a list of updated photoshoots.
2009 > Miles To Go Autobiography [x1]
2009 > Unknown #01 [x1]
2009 > Ken Hively for Los Angeles Times [x1]
2010 > Miley Cyrus and Max Azria Clothing Line (Juniors) [x5]
2012 > Brian Bowen Smith [x11]
2012 > Brian Bowen Smith [Outtakes] [x280]
2012 > MileyCyrus.Com [x3]
2012 > MileyCyrus.Com [Outtakes] [x50]
2013 > Brian Bowen Smith #03 [x1]
2014 > Bangerz World Tour [x27]

I’ve made a category for the Madame Tussauds Wax Figures in the ‘Other’ section on the gallery. I’ve added all of the ones I had missing.
2008 > In New York City [x60]
2008 > In Washington DC [x21]
2009 > In Berlin [x13]
2010 > Makeover in London (August 2nd) [x8]
2010 > In Madrid [x27]
2014 > Makeover in Berlin (June 2nd) [x76]

I’ve also added screencaps of the music videos Miley has been in through the years. I’ve also added some stills and on set photos. And also added Director’s Cuts of both Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop.
2003 If Heartaches Had Wings (by Rhonda Vincent) > Screencaps
2008 I Thought I Lost You (from ‘Bolt’ with John Travolta) > Stills [x2]
2008 I Thought I Lost You (from ‘Bolt’ with John Travolta) > Screencaps [x106]
2008 Fly On The Wall > HD Screencaps [x456]
2009 Party In The USA > HD Screencaps [x520]
2010 Can’t Be Tamed > HD Screencaps [x563]
2012 Decisions (with Borgore) > Screencaps [x175]
2013 Ashtrays and Heartbreaks (with Snoop Lion) > Screencaps [x207]
2013 We Can’t Stop > Screencaps (Directors Cut) [x266]
2013 Fire (By Big Sean) > Screencaps [x141]
2012 Sippin’ On Sunshine (by Ashland High) > Screencaps [x7]
2013 Wrecking Ball > Screencaps [x284]
2013 Wrecking Ball > Screencaps (Directors Cut) [x299]
2013 23 (with Mike WiLL Made-It, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J) > Screencaps [x340]
2013 Real and True (with Future and Mr Hudson) > On Set [x1]
2013 Real and True (with Future and Mr Hudson) > Stills [x17]
2013 Real and True (with Future and Mr Hudson) > Screencaps [x147]
2013 Feelin’ Myself (with, Wiz Khalifa and French Montana) > Screencaps [x143]
2013 Adore You > Screencaps [x264]
2014 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (with The Flaming Lips) > On Set [x3]
2014 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (with The Flaming Lips) > Screencaps [x251]
2014 Come Get It Bae (with Pharrell Williams) > On Set [x1]
2014 Come Get It Bae (with Pharrell Williams) > Screencaps [x50]

Also, I’ve updated some photos that hadn’t been added (maybe high wuality or not seen at all), to the following films;
2010 The Last Song > Stills [x6]
2012 LOL > Promotional Pictures [x2]
2012 So Undercover > Promotional Pictures [x3]

Lastly, I’ve added stills [tagged], and screencaptures of the two episodes Miley did back in 2012, on Two and a Half Men.

10.04 – You Know What the Lollipop is For [Stills] [x66]

10.04 – You Know What the Lollipop is For [Screencaps] [x1817]

10.07 Avoid The Chinese Mustard [Screencaps] [x918]

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Above you can watch the music video for 23 which came out today.

I have also added a picture of Miley on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine along with some photoshoot pictures.

Rolling Stone (October 2013)

Theo Wenner for Rolling Stone

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Miley High Club – We love Miley Cyrus and Miley Cyrus loves gays – but then, what would you expect from Dolly Parton’s god-daughter? Here she talks tweeting, twerking and glory holes.

It’s been five years since Miley Cyrus’s breakthrough single See You Again and it’s classic line “Oh, she’s just being Miley”. In that time, precisely what “just being Miley” entails has changed beyond recognition. In her already classic video for current hit We Can’t Stop, the former Hannah Montana star is seen twerking, spanking, writhing in a bathtub, tonguing a female mannequin and generally behaving like a badass. Still nothing could have prepared us for Miley’s utterly sexually demented performance at the VMAs last month. Rubbing her backside around Robin Thicke’s beetlejuice clad groin – the one time children’s television star was later, variously, blamed for the downfall of Western society – and hailed as a feminist icon. Go figure. The song itself is just as provocative: on the bridge, is the 20-year-old singing ‘dancing with Miley’ or ‘dancing with Molly’ – a reference to a slang term for MDMA?


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Miley Cyrus is wearing an oversize sweatshirt and nothing else, curled up in an enormous trailer parked outside Soundstage 24 at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. She’s just unpacked her “kit,” which is what the 20-year-old pop star calls the gym bag full of over-the-top, blingy, fabulous accessories that she brings everywhere. There are Chanel logo suspenders and belts, Versace Medusa necklaces and brooches, spiked stilettos, hats, and miles of shiny gold chains. “I never know when I’m going to be like, ‘Photo shoot!’ And need some weird stuff to whip out.” What if there’s a sudden swarm of paparazzi? Or worse: “What if I get to a photo shoot and the stylist just sucks? So I bring my own shit.” Cyrus, whose fourth album, Bangerz, is out this month, today is filming an MTV promotion—and, sure enough, when she’s dressed in a tight white crop top and tiny black shorts, she dips into her kit to layer on gold necklaces and a low-slung vintage Chanel chain belt.


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I have added a new photoshoot by Terry Richardson to the gallery. The pictures were taken while she was filming her video for Wrecking Ball. She looks beautiful!

Terry Richardson #02

I have also added some pictures of Miley on set of her music video for Wrecking Ball. You might already know but Wrecking Ball broke the VEVO record with more than 15 million views!

On Set

Also the tracklist for Bangerz has been released. You can preorder the album now so make sure you do!

1. Adore You
2. We Can’t Stop
3. SMS (Bangerz) ft. Britney Spears
4. 4×4 ft. Nelly
5. My Darlin ft. Future
6. Wrecking Ball
7. Love, Money, Party ft. Big Sean
8. Get It Right
9. Drive
10. FU ft. French Montana
11. Do My Thang
12. Maybe You’re Right
13. Someone Else

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Earlier today Miley released the music video for her new single Wrecking Ball! It’s amazing! Watch it above and make sure you share it with your friends.