‘Feelin’ Myself’ Music Video
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Wrecking Ball (Director’s Cut)
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23 Music Video/Rolling Stone
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Above you can watch the music video for 23 which came out today.

I have also added a picture of Miley on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine along with some photoshoot pictures.

Rolling Stone (October 2013)

Theo Wenner for Rolling Stone

Attitude Magazine Interview
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Miley High Club – We love Miley Cyrus and Miley Cyrus loves gays – but then, what would you expect from Dolly Parton’s god-daughter? Here she talks tweeting, twerking and glory holes.

It’s been five years since Miley Cyrus’s breakthrough single See You Again and it’s classic line “Oh, she’s just being Miley”. In that time, precisely what “just being Miley” entails has changed beyond recognition. In her already classic video for current hit We Can’t Stop, the former Hannah Montana star is seen twerking, spanking, writhing in a bathtub, tonguing a female mannequin and generally behaving like a badass. Still nothing could have prepared us for Miley’s utterly sexually demented performance at the VMAs last month. Rubbing her backside around Robin Thicke’s beetlejuice clad groin – the one time children’s television star was later, variously, blamed for the downfall of Western society – and hailed as a feminist icon. Go figure. The song itself is just as provocative: on the bridge, is the 20-year-old singing ‘dancing with Miley’ or ‘dancing with Molly’ – a reference to a slang term for MDMA?

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