Channing / We Can’t Stop
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I’ve added screencaps from the video above, as seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


And I’ve also added screencaptures from the ‘We Can’t Stop’ music video.


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The 2013 Billboard Cover Q&A


Lol & So Undercover Screencaptures
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I’ve added screencaptures of the two latest films that Miley has stared in, LOL and So Undercover.

2012: LOL > Screencaptures

2012: So Undercover > Screencaptures

Backyard Sessions Videos & Captures
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I have added all three of the released Backyard Session songs to the Video Gallery. I have also added captures of the videos to the gallery. Enjoy!

The Backyard Sessions Videos

The Backyard Sessions – ‘Lilac Wine’

The Backyard Sessions – ‘Look What They’ve Done To My Song’

The Backyard Sessions – ‘Jolene’

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