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I’ve made and added 36 new icons from recent events on from TV and the premiere of Paranoia from the other day.

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I have added 23 icons made by me to the icon archive. I hope you like them!

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I have added 100 new icons to the icon archive in my folder! I hope you like them! Feel free to use them but please credit the site.

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As you may of guessed, I’ve changed the icon archive layout. I felt I should give it a different layout, as well as a new styling I have going for in my recent codings. I really like this one, and hope you all do.

I’ve added 39 icons to my folder of the icon archive as well.

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I’ve added pictures from the 2012 Marie Claire photoshoot.

Marie Claire

Also, I’ve made 24 new icons from the photoshoot.

Edit: I’ve added 11 HQ pictures from a Brian Bowen Smith photoshoot back in 2010.

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I’ve made a new icon archive as the other wasn’t very creative. I love this shoot… and it more on my colouring that I found better than the previous. Tell me what you think.

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I’ve added the latest candids of Miley, and also two new twitter pictures.

07/16 > At Winsor Pilates in West Hollywood

07/16 > Leaving a Hair Salon in Beverly Hills

Twitter Pictures

Edit: I’ve just made 60 new icons for the site. Click the icons below to view these.

Edit Again: I’ve added a new candid album of Miley and Noah at a nail salon back on the 14th.

07/14 > At a Nail Salon with Noah in Los Angeles

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I have made some new media. I made a banner and 25 icons. I hope you like them!