New Theme ‘Wooden Theme by Danielle 2007′
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I’ve added a new theme to the site. The other theme had been online since May 2013, so I thought I could ‘spice’ it up a little. I like the fact that I included some wooden effects to make it look more ‘feel like’ and to put some texture into the layout. Tell us what you like by commenting :].

Happy 21st Birthday Miley Ray!
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Both me and Ailish would like to wish Miley a very Happy 21st Birthday, and hope all her dreams come true. She can now legally go drinking. We love you Miley.

Also, Happy 50th Birthday to the British, Doctor Who. Even Google’s celebrating XD!

Saturday Night Live
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Last night Miley hosted SNL. You can watch the show above and can also view photos from the photoshoot in the gallery.

Saturday Night Live 2013

Miley: The Movement Commercial
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Watch an advertisement for ‘Miley: The Movement’ above. Make sure to tune in on October 2nd on MTV!