YOU Magzine Interview
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OMG, Miley! The tongue, the twerking, the latex underwear, the naked video! Where on earth to begin? Miley Cyrus, the most Googled star in cyberspace, is sitting opposite me on a pale leather sofa, coltishly long-limbed in thigh-high black Louboutin boots, a wispy Black Watch tartan dress and a baby-blue fox-fur cape. Wide-eyed and clear-skinned, mouth a vermilion pout, the 20-year-old singer looks ravishing, even with the tattoo on her ear and the tiny gold gangsta pistol nestling among the chains around her neck.

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I have added pictures from photoshoots for Fashion Magazine, You Magazine and also a photoshoot which Miley posted on her tumblr by Vijat Mohindra. She looks gorgeous in them all.

Chris Nicholls for Fashion Magazine

Rankin for You Magazine

Vijat Mohindra

I have also added pictures of Miley heading to STK in New York to celebrate after SNL last night.

10/05 > Heading to STK in New York

Saturday Night Live
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Last night Miley hosted SNL. You can watch the show above and can also view photos from the photoshoot in the gallery.

Saturday Night Live 2013

Miley: The Movement
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If you missed Miley’s documentary Miley: The Movement you can watch it above!