New Icons in the Archive
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I’ve added icons made by Ally. I would like to thank her for donating these gorgous icons to us. To view them, click on an icon below.

Edit: I’ve added more icons, these were made by Danny. Thank you very much for these amazing icons Danny.

Out and About in Los Angeles
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I’ve added candids of Miley out in her car out and about in Los Angeles yesterday.

Walking in Toluca Lake / Icons by Kaci
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I’ve added recent candids of Miley out walking in Toluca Lake is a large knitted top/dress. It’s kinda cute…. that’s what I have to say.

I also added 138 icons made my Kaci Elizabeth. They are such a wonder. Thank you Kaci for donating these flawless icons.

‘Celebrity Fight Night’ Gallery Theme
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As you might have already noticed, I’ve made a new theme for the gallery. I thought that the gallery theme that was previously on, had been on half a year, so I thought, ‘the summers here, how about a new and bright coloured new theme on the gallery’. I love these pictures of Miley, and I just love the colour of her dress. It highly inspired me for the new theme.