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I’ve added canidids of Miley out and about in Paris either arriving at her hotel, out in paris, or leaving her hotel. She looked beautiful, enjoy! :)

Out In Paris (September 4th 2010)

Arriving at her hotel in Paris (September 4th)

Leaving her hotel in Paris (September 5th 2010)

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I’ve added photos of Miley out and about in New York City & performing in Madison Square Garden with Justin Bieber. She looked incredible, check em’ out!

Leaving her Hotel in New York City (August 31st 2010)

Out in New York City (August 31st 2010)

Performing at Madison Square Garden (August 31st 2010)

Leaving Justin Bieber’s Concert at Madison Square Garden (August 31st 2010)

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Today [August 30th], Miley was spotted arriving at JFK Airport in New York. She looked beautiful, enjoy the images! :)

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I would like to say that today is Miley Ray HQ’s 1st Birthday! I would like to thanks several people:
Alison: You have helped me so much, although you think you should pay me back for helping you, I would say this; I’m fine with it, you have already done so much for me!

Tracy: For inspiring me in doing the site. Tracy has helped me so much… with the pictures, information and many more. You’re the best Traceee <3.

and lastly, Miley Ray Cyrus: For… being here in this wonderful world. If she wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be able to even make the site. Miley, your so great of an actor, as well as a singer :D.

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I have added the latest candids of Miley that weren’t added. She looks great! Enjoy the images! :)

At Benihana Restaurant & Shopping in Troy, Michigan (August 18th 2010)

At Six Flags Amusement Park (August 21st 2010)

Shopping At Somerset Mall (August 21st 2010)

At Lion’s Den Restaurant in Waterford, Michigan (August 23rd 2010)

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I have added an amazing new gallery theme by the amazing Lauren. I just love her designs! I asked for a ‘dark’ gallery theme, and this is how it turned out… isn’t it amazing!.

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So, I won’t be updating until atleast Wednesday. I’m going to Liverpool for a few days with my parents. I will be updating much more once I get back, it’s just I start school in the second week of September (I think), and I’m in year 11, so I’ve got a ton of tests to do. I will try and sqeeze the site in it, aswell as So-Selena. I did it while in year 10, so hopefully I can in this year.

Also, check out the gallery, because I added some new Hannah Montana promotional pictures (thanks to